Jammie Martin

Transpersonal Therapist
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About Jammie

As a US licensed therapist, I offer trauma-integrating care through the lens of somatically informed Internal Family Systems Therapy. I take a present-centered, mind-body, relational approach to support you in restoring a sense of joy, self-worth, and belonging. I am trained in the practice of focusing through the Polyvagal Institute, which is a somatic approach to finding regulation within the nervous system. I am also a Level 1 Trained IFS Therapist.

I appreciate supporting you in exploring the potential for softening, surrendering, and finding a balance that allows for a more integrated and present involvement in life. I believe our experiences, while painful at times, can be catalysts for growth, awakened perspectives (interrupting patterns), and expansion. Coming from a place of compassion, I honor your capacity to harness a sense of belonging, acceptance and self empowerment; that may give space for more harmonious, connected moments in your life.

Working with individuals and groups, I take an integrative approach to therapy, incorporating Parts Work (through Gestalt and Internal Family Systems), Trauma-Integrating Care, Present-Centered Awareness, Attachment-Based Therapy, Body-Centered Awareness, and Mindfulness Practice. Sessions take place in a way that best fits your unique needs and preferences. Since trauma is often stored in the body, I take an approach that involves both body-awareness and one’s mental-emotional experience of the trauma. I also focus on proper pacing and resourcing to support you in feeling safe and regulated during sessions.

I graduated from Naropa University with a Masters degree in Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling. I allow my own journey, relationship to the earth, spiritual practice, and professional experiences to imprint my work as a counselor. I respect the therapeutic relationship and basic goodness we all hold. I have a commitment to social-justice, inclusivity, and community support. I am knowledgeable working with individuals in non-monogomous relationships and am a Kink Aware Professional.

Education & Experience
  • 2023

    IFS Level 1 Trained

  • 2023

    Felt Sense Polyvagal Model: A Certificate for Treating Trauma and Addiction

  • 2021

    Level 1 PACT Trained Couples/Relationship Therapist

  • 2020-today

    Clinical Mental Health Counselor at Jammie Martin Counseling (Europe and US)

  • 2022

    A Compassionate Approach to Addictive Process with Internal Family Systems

  • 2022

    IFS Circle: Foundations of the IFS Model

  • 2020

    Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Naropa University, US

  • 2019-2020

    Clinical Mental Health Counselor at Naropa Community Counseling Center (Colorado, US)

  • 2020-2022

    Clinical Mental Health Counselor at Integrating Insights (Colorado, US)

  • 2020-2023

    Clinical Mental Health Counselor at Thrive Psychotherapy Services (Colorado, US)