Kai Hammermeister

Psychoanalyst and Heilpraktiker for Psychotherapy
Portrait of Kai Hammermeister
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About Kai

My therapeutic interests encompass both classical psychoanalysis and some of the more innovative adaptations of psychoanalysis that were developed in France to modernize those techniques and make them more useful to patients. Your needs will determine which therapeutic techniques will be used in our collaboration. I always look to combine the shortest and most effective treatment with the most sustainable long-term results for the patient. Sometimes this leads us to traditional psychoanalysis. At other times we will work through crises together and support life changes with innovative coaching.

Clients do not only seek counselling because difficult problems have emerged. Sometimes they desire fresh perspectives and increased creativity or they seek personal or professional development. In some cases they also need to come to terms with changes they need to make to find the greatest meaning in life.

Accordingly the length of our cooperation will vary. Some crises can be stabilized with a few sessions. Changes of deep personality structures or the development of fresh impulses for our lives often require more time.

Whether as treatment of anxiety, obsession and depression or as reconfiguring of your personal or professional life, together we will create a therapeutic approach that is fitting for your needs.

Education & Experience
  • 2016-today

    Psychoanalytic Practice


  • 2016

    Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie

  • 2006-2008

    Après-Coup Psychoanalytic Association

    New York City

  • 2004-2006


    Columbus, Ohio

  • 1998-2015

    Professor of German Literature / Philosophy

    Ohio State University

  • 1995

    Ph.D. in Philosophy / German Literature

    University of Virginia

  • 1992

    M.A. in German Literature

    University of Virginia