Asya Alici

Clinical Psychologist
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About Asya

I am a clinical psychologist from Turkey who recently carried her practice to Berlin. I specialized in working with adult individuals using the psychoanalytic approach. I studied psychology and completed my master’s in clinical psychology, during which I gained theoretical basis and practical experience in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. I offer counselling in Turkish and English.

Through additional counseling training on sexuality, gender identity, and sexual orientation, I had the opportunity to delve deeper into these significant aspects of identity. I am licensed to work as a psychotherapist in Turkey, and psychologist in Germany.

The psychoanalytic approach explores the unknown aspects of the human mind. I guide patients in exploring their unconscious motives, emotions, wishes, and inner conflicts. By analyzing developmental history, dreams, and feelings emerging during the counseling process, the patients can gain a deeper understanding of their own minds. This self-awareness enables the development of a healthier approach to both oneself and others, fostering a life characterized by fulfillment and authenticity.

I work with a broad spectrum of complaints such as depression, anxiety, and relationship problems. Additionally, I provide a safe space to explore the emotions and identify issues that are not that easy to define, regarding sexuality, sexual identity and orientation, the experience of migration, and beyond.

I am fluent in Turkish and English, and I offer counseling in both languages.

Education & Experience
  • 2023-Today

    Professional helper at LebensWelt Interkulturelle Kinder- und Jugendhilfe

  • 2023-Today

    Psychotherapist with private practice


  • 2022-2023

    Psychotherapist at Zen Counseling Center


  • 2022-2023

    Introductory Seminars on Psychoanalysis


  • 2022

    Fundamental Education on Sexuality and Sexual Dysfunctions


  • 2020-2022

    Intern Clinical Psychologist at Boğaziçi University Center for Psychological Research and Services


  • 2019-2022

    Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, Boğaziçi University


  • 2015-2019

    Bachelor Degree in Psychology, Boğaziçi University