Federica de Sandro

Clinical Psychologist
Portrait of Federica de Sandro
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About Federica

For some it is suffering that prompts them to ask for help, for others it may be a simple sense of bewilderment or confusion, not really knowing who they are and where they are going, for others it may be a lack of desire, project or goal. There is no one reason that has more right than another, they are all equally valid.

Embracing confusion or suffering and turning it into an opportunity to get closer with one's inner self is a very difficult process. Doing it alone is even more so. 

I accompany my patients in the exploration of their confusion, lack of enthusiasm, pain, depression, sense of inadequacy, loss of self, as an experience from which to discover or re- discover themselves. 
 It is never too late to go in search of who we are and what we desire. 

I help my patients to connect with those forgotten or as yet unknown parts of themselves, without which it may often prove difficult to experience a rich and fulfilling existence. I see in confusion, suffering, grief, depression and experiences of loss a great opportunity that if seized can lead to a path of knowing one's authentic self, one's desire, one's capacity to realize one's life.

 My aim is to provide my patients with a protected and safe space where the authenticity, creativity and uniqueness of each one of them can be formed, realized and come into the world.

Education & Experience
  • 2023 - today

    Conducting counselling, target and relief talks, crisis intervention and drawing up assistance plans for people with mental impairments or disease - Lebensnähe g GmbH, Berlin

  • 2022

    Clinical Psychology, Master's degree - Università degli Studi eCampus


  • 2021 - 2022

    Research project on transgenerational psychic transmission - Università degli Studi eCampus, Rome

  • 2017

    Psychological Sciences and Techniques of Clinical Intervention, Bachelor's degree - La Sapienza Università degli Studi di Roma


  • 2017 - 2018

    Collaborator on a clinical group for dream analysis and interpretation according to Jungian theory, Rome

  • 2016 - 2019

    Psychological counsellor - counseling center for eating disorders, Rome