John Sandblom

Person-Centred Therapist
Portrait of John Sandblom
  • 80
  • Online sessions available
  • English;Swedish
About John

I moved to Berlin in 2021 to reconnect with family, creative contexts and to expand my passion for the therapeutic profession. I have since completed training in psychedelic integration therapy at MIND Foundation, with whom I now also offer integration workshops alongside my clinical practice.

My overall therapeutic approach rests on the idea (and impression!) that people have a powerful deep-seated inner sense of direction and source of nurture, and that this resource often can become suppressed from our interpretations of difficult experiences in our past and present relationships. My sense of 'living well' includes the ability to in close and accepting contact with what our whole body is quietly (or loudly) trying to tell us, without adding pressure to this sensitive system. Exploring and integrating this inner depth can be an effective way to find a stronger sense of connection, meaning and engagement in our daily experiencing, with room for a wide range of emotions and nuance.

In the therapy room I seek stay close to your moment-to-moment experiencing - 'tracking' your process, in order to understand your particular world and also to promote self-awareness by offering non-judgmental reflections. I see myself as an intrinsic part of the counselling relationship, and strive to communicate any hunches, intuitions and sensations that appear to me meaningful for the therapeutic process. As a therapist valuing relational congruence, I stay humble to my limitations in knowing what's ultimately right for you, and yet I feel committed in the potential to co-create a unique and trusting environment where you can grow into more authentic and fulfilled version of yourself. I’ll encourage you to set the direction and pace of our work - my agenda is first and foremost to meet you exactly where you are and offer genuine acceptance along empathic curiosity.

My interest in people includes (perhaps unsurprisingly) the unique ways in which we experience ourselves and grow in various forms of relations. Other interests that all somehow mingle with my therapeutic self includes: club culture, yoga, sound and visual art, spirituality and methods of altering our subjective states, sexuality dynamics, political philosophy and participatory culture.

Education & Experience
  • 2021-2022

    Certificate Training in Psychedelic Integration, MIND Foundation, Berlin

  • 2018-2021

    Post-Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling, University of Aberdeen, UK

  • 2013-2017

    BSc (Honours) Psychology, University of Glasgow, UK

  • 2021-today

    Private practice, Berlin

  • 2019-2021

    Psychotherapy placement at CRISIS, Erskine, UK