Katharina Albrecht

Sex & Relationship Therapist & Somatic Therapist
Portrait of Katharina Albrecht
  • EUR 110.00 / 50 mins.
  • Online sessions available
  • English, German
  • 140€ couples 55mins. 180€ couples 75mins
About Katharina

As a seasoned sex and relationship therapist with over a decade of international experience, I specialise in supporting individuals and couples from diverse backgrounds. My approach integrates cutting-edge somatic interventions, particularly somatic experiencing, to address deep-seated trauma stored in the body. Through this work, my clients often experience profound shifts, finding freedom and serenity in their bodies and, consequently, in their relational lives.

My training across multiple countries—UK, Canada, Germany, and Greece—has equipped me with a rich understanding of human sexuality and relationships. Fluent in both German and English, I offer a unique perspective that blends somatic, systemic, and psychodynamic modalities. By incorporating insights from attachment theory and neuroscience, I guide clients in navigating the intricate dance of intimacy and autonomy.

In my practice, I specialise in helping couples overcome challenges such as feeling disconnected from their bodies, anxiety, and sexual inhibitions. These issues often manifest as differences in desire, orgasmic and erectile challenges, and jealousy within relationships. Through somatic tools and a robust theoretical framework, I aim to strengthen the mind-body connection, empowering clients to embrace their sexuality confidently and find fulfilment.

In addition to my private online practice, I facilitate workshops and retreats focused on nervous system regulation. These sessions offer practical tools to rewire the nervous system, promoting healing from trauma, including PTSD. My passion for yoga and meditation, particularly in the context of nervous system healing, has led me to train under renowned practitioners like Tina Nance in Bali.

I am committed to ongoing learning and growth, continually seeking opportunities to enhance my skills in nervous system healing and restorative practices. My goal is to provide a safe and transformative space where individuals and couples can embark on a journey of healing, connection, and self-discovery.

Education & Experience
  • Jan 2023-present

    Somatic Experiencing® (SE), body-oriented psychotherapy from SE Greece in Athens, Greece

  • September 2023

    Essential Strategies for Healing Sexual Trauma and Sexuality with Ariel Giarretto

  • 2022-present

    freelance lecturer on issues concerning (refugee) trauma, psycho-sociality and the multidimensionality of care, TransVer, Charité Social Psychiatry

  • February 2021-Today

    Team Psychologist at the Intensive Care Unit

    Charitè University Clinic

  • 2020-Today

    Postgraduate Training in Systemic Sexual Therapy

    Institute for Sexual Research, Heidelberg and Berlin

  • 2020-2021

    Psychosexual Counsellor working with Marginalised Communities

    EJF, Berlin

  • 2019-Today

    Psychologist in Private Practice

  • 2017-2019

    PG Dip Refugee Care from the University of Essex

    Centre for Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies, UK

  • 2018

    Narrative Therapy Training at the Institute of Narrative Therapy

    Toronto CA

  • 2012-2014

    PG Dip Psychodynamic Couples Counselling

    Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships London, UK with clinical placement in Central London Practice

  • 2017-2018

    Team Psychologist

    Race on the Agenda, London

  • 2007-2011

    B.Sc. Psychosocial Studies with Combined Studies

    University of East London, UK